How does the treatment works?

First, you will receive a free, no-obligation consultation that includes the following:
- Declaration of the technology
- Skin and hair analysis
- Setting the device parameters
- Trial shot
- Price offer
You can begin earliest after 24 hours with the first treatment. (Review of the skin)
A thin layer of ultrasound gel will applied on the skin before the treatment with the water-cooled applicator starts. The duration of treatment is around 5 minutes for an upper lip and approx. 1.5 hours for whole legs. The hairs falling out after about 2-4 weeks. The treatment place will rubbed with after sun lotion ...and finish! You can go to your normal daily routine.

What is the benefit for you?
The energy level is more gentle and reaches an optimal intensity through the repetition of impulses. The treatment is much more agreeable than conventional systems and protects the skin. In contrast to laser and IPL methods, SHR is the only system that can effectively handle even tanned skin.

What do you feel during the treatment?
In contrast to laser and IPL methods, is the SHR virtually painless. In densely hairy places, you feel a feeling of the warmth of the light pulses.

How many treatments are needed?
Depending on the region of the body and temperament, on average 4 to 8 treatments are necessary. More treatments may be necessary in exceptional cases. This is phases of growth, of transition and of the failure of the hair in rhythmic succession take place in each hair follicle. These operations are called hair cycle. It is necessary to reach the hair in the growth phase (Anagen 20-30%).

What body areas can be treated?
All parts of the body can be treated. Except the eye area.

What must be observed before the treatment?
3 Days before the treatment must be avoided the sunbathing or solarium. 2 Days before the treatment areas which are to be treated must be shaved. No waxing or plucking.

What must be observed after the treatment?
The skin will be very sensitive to light. You should apply at least 5 days a sun blocker lotion (SPF 30-50).

May the hair be waxed or plucked between the treatments?
No. The hair must be shaved only.

Witch interval is between the treatments?
The ideal interval between the treatments is about 6-12 weeks. Cause this corresponds to the cycle of hair growth.

Is the hair forever removed?
Yes. The treated hair with SHR can not grow again.