Conventional lasers or IPL devices (flash lamps, LEO technology) use very short pulses with high energy. The melanin absorbs the energy and passes them to the hair follicle (hair root). There arises a temperature around 65-72 degrees Celsius and the hair follicle is deserted. As the skin also contains melanin, takes these high energy peaks of the laser or IPL devices also. This often leads to swelling for several days or even painful burns!
Our SHR technology also use the way across the melanin, but the target chromophore is the protein of the hair. The skin is not treated with high energy pulses, and individual peaks. It will traversed 6-10 times with low power and high repetition rate (in motion). Instead of high and short energy peaks is a slow and sustained over a long period heating more effective. The melanin of the hair and the tissue will be heated to a moderate and gentle to the skin temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius. The treatments are virtually painless! In densely hairy places you can feel a warm sensation of the light pulses.

With this new technology, the treatments can be done at any time of the year. Even dark skin types and pigment-poor fine hairs are successfully treatable. A combustion risk is virtually eliminated.

Installed applicator:
3cm² / 5cm², 780-950 nm, 3Hz, water cooled